Wedding Party


Matron of Honor

Stephanie is Kim's older sister, and being only 3.5 years different in age they have always been very close growing up. Even though sibling rivalry sometimes led to lines being drawn (literally, down the middle of the bedroom with string!) Stephanie and Kim have always been best of friends. Stephanie is one of Kim's greatest supporters and confidants, and never fails to be a kind and caring sister. Even when they were young and at summer camp, Stephanie stopped playing with her friends and came running to Kim’s aid when she was scared and crying from a scary story that a counselor told. From playing Barbie dress up on the living room floor to going wedding dress shopping, Stephanie has always been there for Kim and someone that Kim always looked up to. Even before Kim and Brandon have been officially married, Stephanie has already made Brandon feel like a part of the family. Stephanie has always been there for Kim, and Kim is honored that Stephanie and her daughters: Annie and Izzy, will continue to be there with her on her wedding day.



Brittnee and Kim met as co-workers at Blommer Chocolate. They quickly became very close friends as they realized their similar personalities and passion for baking. Their favorite thing to do at work (besides baking and making chocolate samples) was to hand make chocolate chips which was a very tedious task, but gave them lots of time to talk and catch up. Brittnee and Kim have continued on their tradition of long talks, with one lasting 4 hours while Kim was stuck in traffic! Brittnee and her husband Alex have grown to be great friends to both Kim and Brandon. When the four of them get together, Kim and Brittnee love to bake delicious french macaroons, almost as much as Alex and Brandon enjoy eating them.



Katie and Kim met during sorority recuitment the very first week of thier Freshman year at Cal Poly SLO. They met on the bus going from sorority house to house and by fate they both joined the same sorority (Delta Delta Delta) and became lifelong sisters. Since then they have survived the adventures of college, the drama of boys and struggles of starting a career. One adventure that Kim and Katie shared was when they were living in the sorority house together and woke up one morning to a fire in the basement. Not only was it embarrassing to be on the street in their PJ’s when the handsome firefighters arrived but to show their appreciation they helped make a thank you cake with the other sisters that had a Barbie in it and took it to the firehouse… luckily the firefighters were out on a call when they delivered the cake thus saving them more embarrassment. Katie has seen Brandon and Kim's relationship blossom since the beginning, even when it was in the "awkward" phase. Even though they are far from each other in distance, they still keep in close contact with their Skype dates and exchanges of encouragement.



Dena is Kim's oldest sister and her greatest mentor. She was always someone Kim could come to when she needed advice and support. Dena was there for Kim all the way from teaching Kim how to french braid her hair to guiding Kim through college and her career. Kim has always looked up to Dena as a role model and as someone who was there to provide unconditional love. Kim hopes that she can be as much of an inspiration to Dena's children: James, Grayson, and John, as Dena was to her.

Yes, Kim is the baby in front


Best Man

Mathew is Brandon's older brother and strongest supporter. Brandon has always looked up to Mathew as a role model, a confidant, and a loving brother. No matter the situation Mathew has always been there to offer love and advice, even if it means taking responsibility for breaking the lamp in the house. Growing up with Mathew (and Jennifer and Mia!) brings to mind so many happy memories of playing sports, video games (even though Mathew always had to be Mario), and quoting one liners from movies. Mathew knew how much Kim meant to Brandon right away, and has made "Kimmerkims" feel like a member of the family. Brandon is excited to start this next chapter of his life with his Big Brother, and his son Will, by his side.

Yes, Brandon is the blond child on the left.



Jeff and Brandon met while working at UGS in Cal Poly and quickly bonded over long nights, humor, technology, and beer. Surviving many pub crawls, class projects (including an unfortunate incident that involved a waterlogged laptop 20 minutes before a presentation), and borderline labor code violations, they have become very close over the years. In fact they currently work together and enjoy lunch with each other nearly every day, and Jeff and his girlfriend Emily are great "couple friends" with Kim and Brandon.



Mike was one of the first people Brandon met at San Luis Obispo and they have been great friends ever since. He has always been someone that Brandon could look up to, and has always shown what it means to be a true friend. Mike would often spend more time at Brandon and his roommate Dusin's apartment than he would at his own house. They would often spend the time learning and growing from each other, playing music, or making bad Enrique Iglesias impersonations. Mike has always been there to support and encourage Brandon and Kim and has always brought his infectious smile and generosity in every step of their relationship.



Kyle and Brandon grew up in nearby towns often playing sports and spending time together. In high school Brandon and Kyle, along with their friends Horacio and Deven, were an inseparable group that would often spend their time playing sports, making bad jokes, and bonding on road trips. Kyle has always helped Brandon to succeed and grow as a person. He is one of the funniest people Brandon has ever known, and one of the best friends anyone can have.